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Packaging and shipping your items is easy with iSHIP It services
iSHIP It – Your items professionally packed and shipped worldwide

We’ve packed and shipped tens of thousands of items for eBay and Amazon buyers. iSOLD It – Gaithersburg has handled just about every size and shape of item imaginable. Do you have an item that’s going to be a pain to package up and ship to the location you want to send it to? Try our shipping-only service – iSHIP It!

iSHIP It specializes in packaging and shipping itemsWe offer custom packaging and shipping services, as well as an array of value-added services—all in one convenient location. We will professionally package and/or ship your items for you. No more waiting in long lines, especially during the holidays. Just bring your things to our location, and let us take care of the rest.

What shipping options do you offer?

We offer Overnight, 2nd Day, and Ground Shipping from FEDEX. We also offer Express and Priority Mail Shipping from the US Postal Service.

How much does packaging and shipping with iSHIP It cost?

Pricing varies, but we can usually save you money compared to other shipping services.

Please note that each carrier has certain weight and dimension limitations, which may apply.

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