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iSold It Maryland on Good Day Washington, WJLA

Your local iSold It store was featured on Good Day Washington News Channel 8, WJLA. View the full interview below.

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iSold It Maryland on Great Day Washington, WUSA9

Your local iSold It store was featured on Great Day Washington, WUSA9. View the full interview below.

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Myths and Facts about using compatible ink and toner

Many have heard about quality and reliability issues associated with compatible printer ink and toner. But has technology now advanced so much that buying compatible ink/toner for a fraction of the price of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products be an easy way to save you or your business money?

The Myths Unveiled:

Will third party ink void your printer warranty?

There is a widely circulated myth that using remanufactured ink and toner cartridges impacts printer warranties. THIS IS NOT TRUE!  Despite some claims otherwise, using compatible ink cartridges cannot legally void your warranty. Cases have been tried in the US and EU, and in both courts it’s been decided that no manufacturer has the right to use their warranty to compel purchases of any particular replacement or spare part. In the US, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act specifically outlaws these “tie-in sales provisions”.

Will third party ink wreck your printer?

So, if it doesn’t void your warranty will non-OEM ink wreck your printer? Printer manufacturers are very fond in saying that it will, however, in practice it is an extremely rare occurrence. If you use a reputable supplier, their products will be made to ISO9001 manufacturing standards and will be extremely reliable.

Are third party cartridges are of lower quality than originals?

While there are some bad companies out there —as there are in any industry— most third-party compatible and remanufactured cartridge companies adhere to high standards. Compatible inks are usually manufactured to the same product specifications and standards as original manufacturered cartridges.

Are remanufactured cartridges just old, refilled cartridges?

Remanufactured cartridges are more than just old cartridges injected with more ink. The cartridge makers also inspect each cartridge, make repairs and replace old and worn out components. The microchips are replaced and all cartridges are run through a print test to ensure functionality before heading out the door. This is why remanufactured cartridges are a lot more reliable than cartridges customers refill themselves.

Do remanufacturing companies reuse old ink and toner?

This would be impossible – ink and toner is contaminated during the printing process by paper, dust and other contaminants.  Remanufacturers make their own ink using original manufacturers’ specifications. In most cases, the ink from a remanufactured cartridge is tailored to the specific brand and model of printer you’re using. Printer ink from these companies is not one-size-fits-all, and it’s never combined or recycled.

Does third party ink have has a lower page yield than original ink?

Actually, some compatible and remanufactured cartridges have higher page yields than the originals. A majority of OEM cartridges are not filled to their capacity and many compatibles have higher ink levels. Also, there is a wider range of high-yield ink cartridges available than in the original range, ensuring you can get the best value ink for your needs.

Are all third party cartridges the same?

No, there are many different makes and manufactures of remanufactured cartridges and if you have a problem with one brand you should not give up on compatibles altogether. Just find a hiqh quality supplier that will stand behind its products. Many will offer a 1-year warranty.

Making the change from OEM to remanufactured printer cartridges can provide significant savings with no drop-off in quality. For instance an office of 20 employees with two printers can spend $3,260 per year on printer cartridges, and remanufactured cartridges can save that office as much as $950 per year in costs.

Those are the facts, brought to you by i SOLD It stores.

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Selling items on eBay vs. Amazon

Over the years, eBay and Amazon have emerged as the two largest e-commerce platforms. So what are the primary differences between the two from a seller’s standpoint? Here are some thoughts comparing the benefits of both:

Scope of Business: eBay does not stock and sell items under their own company name, rather it is an e-commerce marketplace comprised of millions of individual and professional sellers. Sellers on eBay compete among other sellers.

Amazon is an e-commerce platform with products from many sellers.   But they are also a huge online retail business that sells their own products under their own name from their own warehouses.  It is not uncommon to be competing against Amazon-owned products while posting your own products on their site.

Selling Formats: eBay allows for two selling formats: fixed price (Buy-It-Now) listings and auctions.  Amazon is a fixed price only marketplace.

Fees: Marketplace fees for selling on the auction on eBay are generally lower than Amazon fees. But, this gap has narrowed over the years as eBay has increased it fees.

Return Policy: Amazon return policies are more generous to buyers than eBay return policies. An Amazon a buyer can return a product within 30 days of receipt for virtually any reason. eBay sellers can offer return periods as short as 14 days (or indicate no returns) and also specify conditions for returns.

Product Research: The eBay store provides sales history on its sold items; sellers can see what buyers have been willing to pay for items when they are determining pricing, as well as successful selling strategies.  Amazon does not provide sales history but rather provides sales rankings for items within product categories, allowing sellers to determine the popularity of items.

Types of Items: Both sites are great (at iSOLD It we use eBay, Amazon, and other platforms) and have huge buying communities for many items. However, certain types of items can do better on one site vs. the other:

For unique items, collectibles, heavily used items, items for which you are not sure of the value, and items that would appeal to an international audience, eBay has advantages over Amazon.

For new-in-box items — especially electronics, cameras, and computers — Amazon may often generate higher sales prices than eBay, although a seller may be sitting on the inventory for a while depending on its popularity.

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Do’s and Don’t’s of Buying Online

Buying online brings an unprecedented level of convenience and can provide significant cost savings.  But there are a (very small) percentage of transactions that are scams.

We get calls every week from customers and others that ask our advice about the legitimacy of an item they are considering purchasing on eBay, Craigslist, or other online sites.  Many of the situations we hear about are obvious frauds.

With over 1,200 employees in their Trust & Safety department (and many buyer protections built into PayPal), the eBay store and auction center continues to increase the safety of their site.  Although Craigslist is 25% owned by eBay, there are far fewer controls and many of the online bad guys are focusing efforts there.

From the National Consumers League’s Internet Fraud Watch, CLICK HERE for a list of helpful tips on how to avoid online fraud.    Craigslist publishes a helpful page on how to avoid scams on their local sites. It even shows actual fraudulent emails being used today that are designed to fool buyers.  CLICK HERE to check it out.

Have concerns about buying online? Feel free to get input from experienced staff at iSOLD It: 301-990-2040.

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