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The i SOLD It Store and Story

iSOLD It was founded so that everyone — from individuals, to businesses, to fundraising organizations — would have an easy way to sell merchandise on eBay. Over time, we noticed that sites other than eBay were having success selling merchandise. The online sale is not the only selling method that works! And so we added additional online selling channels such as Amazon and Craigslist to maximize the potential return for our sellers. We were truly able to tell our customers, “I sold it for you!”

As a service organization, we continuously strive to provide customers with personalized attention, reliability, and expert skills. The iSOLD It stores’ business formula rests on the idea that busy people want exceptional service to help manage their affairs.

i SOLD It – Gaithersburg, MD – eBay Drop Off Store in Montgomery County, Maryland

Since August 2005, iSOLD It – Gaithersburg has helped customers in Maryland, DC, Virginia and beyond get top dollar for their items.  With over $6 million in eBay sales across 60,000+ items on behalf of over 7,000 sellers, we provide the experience and expertise you can rely on.

Your items are in good hands at iSOLD It – Gaithersburg.  We have been the top performing store in the iSOLD It nationwide franchise network for the last 5 years in a row!  In short, we have a proven track record of delivering results.

i SOLD It works hard to satisfy our customers. I sold it for YOU!

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